10 Easy Tricks to Increase Your SEO Rankings

Even if you have a beautifully rendered website, it will be of no use if users do not visit it, and that happens when you are lacking sufficient search engine optimization.

Here are 10 easy tricks that can make your website appear on the first few pages of the search engine.


1. Useful, high-quality, relevant content

The amount of time that visitors spend on your website has an impact on the site’s ranking. This time is called the “dwell time“.

When the content of your site offers useful and interesting information, visitors tend to stay longer, increasing the dwell time.


2. Page load speed

The website ranking algorithm for both Bing and Google considers the page-loading speed. Most users leave the site when it takes extra time for pages to load.

A slow page-loading speed can increase your bounce rate, hurt your dwell time, and lessen the number of pages viewed – all these factors can have a poor effect on your SEO ranking.

As shown by research, using high-quality images can improve the conversion rate, but don’t let it reduce your page load speed.

If you properly optimize your images, it can help you benefit by increasing trust, generating empathy, and enhancing a user’s experience without hampering load time.


3. Outbound links

To make the content on your site relevant and useful, you can link out to authority sites that provide more extensive information your viewers can use.

This linking not only makes your content more relevant but also results in users spending more time on the site.

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4. Different multimedia

Use of multimedia such as slideshows, audios, images and videos can help boost the user experience while enabling you to deliver information that interests your ideal site visitors.

In fact, video marketing has become an integral element in increasing user engagement and conversion.


5. Broken links

Nobody wants to click on a link and reach a 404 page. Search engines consider a huge number of broken links as a signal of an old and neglected site, which can have a bad impact on your SEO ranking.

Many tools and apps can help make sure your site does not have any broken links, which means you do not need to test each page manually.

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6. Readability

Your content should be easy to follow and understand.

A few experts believe that search engines take readability into account when ranking websites.

You can make use of readability test tools to know about your content’s readability.


7. Layout and formatting

A user-friendly layout with proper formatting is another factor that can make your content easy to scan and understand while enhancing the user experience. You visitors will stay longer on the site as they consume the information on it.

Some of the formatting techniques that you can follow include the use of bold type and color to highlight important information, numbered or bulleted lists, font size, typography that is easy to read, and ample line spacing between paragraphs.


8. Social sharing

The number of tweets, Pinterest pins, Facebook shares and mentions on other social media networks can influence search engine rankings as well.

You can install social sharing buttons on your website so that it is easier for users to share your content and help you rank higher on searches.

Social sharing can also drive purchasing behavior. According to a study, 43% of social media users have bought an item after sharing or liking it on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.


9. Mobile optimization

Since April 2015, Google penalizes websites that are not mobile optimized by lowering their SEO ranking.

Since more and more users prefer browsing on palmtop devices, not being mobile optimized can affect the user experience and conversion of your site’s visitors.

About 77% of executives use their smartphones to research a service or product for their business.


10. Site architecture and navigation

When visitors do not find the information that they are looking for, they tend to leave the site, which results in a high bounce rate, lower number of pages viewed, and reduced dwell time.

A well-laid-out architecture of the site with clear navigation is essential in helping visitors search for what they want on your website. And once they do find content that matches their requirements, the chances are they will come back to your site repeatedly, thus improving the site’s SEO ranking.

And once they do find content that matches their requirements, the chances are they will come back to your site repeatedly, thus improving the site’s SEO ranking.

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