5 Powerful Hacks to Get FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Once you have developed a website representing your product or service, the next thing you want is a huge number of users visiting your site and finding it useful. More importantly, you want the appropriate audience for your site. For instance, a tuition service-providing website will want more students to visit its site than other people.

Of course, there is paid advertising to boost your website traffic, but for those who are at the beginning of the road (and not only), we prepared:

5 Powerful Hacks to Get FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website


1. Guest Blogging

Contrary to what is commonly believed, guest blogging it not dead. In fact, securing a guest post on a reputable website can significantly boost traffic on your site. However, it is important to know standards for guest blogging have radically changed in the past eighteen months and spammy ways can result in stiff penalties.

In addition to uploading content to other blogs, you can also invite people in your niche to write content for your site. They are very likely to share and link to their guest article, which means your site will get new readers. Make sure that the content is original and of high-quality, without any spammy links, because search engines reduce rankings on low-quality guest blogging.

Make sure that the content is original and of high-quality, without any spammy links, because search engines reduce drasticaly rankings on low-quality guest blogging.


2. Make Sure Your Site Is Responsive and Fast

There were days when users browsed exclusively through desktop PCs, but today, a majority of users use their smartphones to access the web. If the user is forced to scroll all the way around your site to find the menus, this is an indication for the user to visit another site instead of yours.

responsive and fast You must make sure that your website is comfortably viewable and accessible across a range of devices. Do you ever find yourself waiting for a web page to load and eventually closing it when it does not load within thirty seconds? Your web pages need to be as technically optimized and fast as possible, including the page structure, file size, and functionality of third-party plug-ins. The faster your website loads, the more chances of users visiting it.

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3. Do Interviews

Interviews are like video guest posts. Interviewing someone is also a bit like linking to someone except now they are much more likely to share and link to the interview.

There are advantages to both being the interviewer and the one getting interviewed.

  Why Be Interviewed – Obviously this sends traffic, but more importantly this establishes you as an authority in your niche. Why would anyone waste time interviewing someone who isn’t important? Because you will be seen as an authority, people who come to check out your blog or website will be more likely to stick around and comeback.

  Why Interview – If you interview someone and post it on your blog, chances are the person you interviewed is going to share it in every way that he or she can think of and probably even link to you. Interviewing someone who is important makes you seem like a bit of an important figure in your field as well. You become an authority by association. Say for example you saw a post by some random blogger where he interviewed Sir Richard Branson on video. Wouldn’t you suddenly think that this blogger is someone important?

4. Post a presentation on slideshare.net

Have you heard of slideshare.net? If not go and check it out. Basically it is a website where you can upload and share a presentation. The good news about Slideshare is that it has a lot of traffic so if you make a good presentation it will be seen by thousands of people and some of them will visit your website as well.

slideshare traffic hacks

What you can do? Create a free account with Slideshare and create an interesting and appealing presentation.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t succeed from the beginning. You may have to try a couple of times before you create a presentation that will get many views.

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5. Create an Android native app and publish it to the Google Play Store

Do you know that there are more than 1,300,000 new android users per day? What does this means in terms of traffic?

You can create an android app and publish it to the Google Play store, users will download your app and some will visit your website. I am a big fun of this method for getting free traffic and it works very well.

What you can do? Hire a developer or find a tool (ex. AppYet) to create an android application for your website and publish it to the Google Play store.


Other sources of free targeted traffic

The bottom line in all methods is the same, you need to find out where your potential visitors hang out online and give them a few good reasons to visit your website. Try to think outside the box and beyond Facebook and Twitter and I am sure you can find even more free ways to get more visitors to your website.

Do you know any other methods to get free targeted traffic to your website? Share with us in the comments section below.

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