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We welcome every writer who can write interesting articles that contain valuable information regarding

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Our guidelines are quite uncomplicated as we don’t want our guest writers to be reluctant to write due

to complicated instructions. However, if you follow these simple guidelines correctly, it will improve

your possibilities of getting approved by our team.


The Posts Should

– Possess high-quality writing that can keep the readers engaged.

– Have the readers’ interests in mind.

– Be written in such a way that they can express an opinion clearly.

– Cover relevant themes with fresh and unique ideas and innovations in blogging and social


– Contain information that will sound novel to the majority of bloggers.

– Have the shareability factor. It should make the audience want to share the article on

different social media channels as it can bring massive exposure to your shared content.

– Not violate any copyright laws regarding images and content.


The Requirement of Images

– You must add a minimum of one picture in your article, though multiple photos throughout the

post are recommended.

– All images used must be pertinent to the topic.

– Photos must be free of copyrights and royalties.


The Preferable Length of Posts

Although length doesn’t matter as long as your posts possess quality and relevance, articles of 700 to

2000 words would be preferred. However, it’s not at all a requirement, so you should only write posts in

such a way that it can get the message across the reader’s mind.


The Usage of Links

As long as the links are relevant, you can use them. You can link from any site you like, whether yours or

anyone else’s.


Your Bio

As you’re a guest author, you’ll be required to describe yourself in one or two lines. You may also enter a

link to your website along with anchor text link of your choice. You can include links to your social media

channels as well such as Facebook or Twitter if you want to.


The Content Should Be 100% Exclusive

All submitted posts should not be copied and must be entirely unique. Also, they should be written

specifically for our website, You are not allowed to use this post anywhere else without

taking our permission first. We will keep the full ownership of the posts that are submitted and



NOTE: You will also be required to engage with the people in the comments section of your post. In this

way, you and your blog will get even more attention.


The Right to Edit Your Posts

We retain the right to edit the title, images, grammar, punctuation, and other things in your post. This is

for making your post as successful as possible, so don’t get offended by it. Besides, by clearing the posts

from errors, they will get noticed by more people, which can help you get more targeted traffic.


List Of Topics

  • Blogging
  • eCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Online Marketing
  • Entrepreneurs


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Thank you for taking your time to read the guidelines. We are hoping to see you as a guest author.