Who doesn’t want their business to get a high rank on search engines? But many people don’t focus on SEO importance. An improved position can help you generate more targeted traffic than before, and more audience means that you and your site will get high exposure. But how are you going to boost your ranking […]

Since WordPress powers 25 percent of all websites in existence, it’s no surprise hackers target sites built on this platform, it’s easy to find targets. Even a site with minimal traffic may be hacked and infected with malware. A few simple security measures can help ensure that your site stays clean, safe and malware-free.   […]

Once you have developed a website representing your product or service, the next thing you want is a huge number of users visiting your site and finding it useful. More importantly, you want the appropriate audience for your site. For instance, a tuition service-providing website will want more students to visit its site than other […]

Even if you have a beautifully rendered website, it will be of no use if users do not visit it, and that happens when you are lacking sufficient search engine optimization. Here are 10 easy tricks that can make your website appear on the first few pages of the search engine.   1. Useful, high-quality, […]

I’ve talked a lot about diversifying your traffic sources: Long gone are the days where we could rely on Google (not saying it was a smart strategy back then but at least it was possible). Today the only way to survive online is to keep discovering new ways to growth-hack your site visits and leads. […]

A digital marketing strategy is an absolute given for any company trying to market itself online – right? That’s certainly the impression you’d get from reading most digital marketing blogs, where the question of whether you should have a digital marketing strategy has long ago been eclipsed by how to develop one. And yet, on […]